• At All About Kitchens and Bathrooms we realise that the bathroom can add value to your home with some alterations and upgrades.
  • Typically a bathroom can be a small space, but with the help of our skilled designers we can offer suggestions on how to maximize your storage and giving you a bathroom that not only looks amazing but also more importantly a bathroom that works for you and your family
  • For you we offer high quality products for your budget that suit your needs and complement the style in the rest of your home
  • We typically do a full strip and reline of bathrooms as this gives the best results, we dont recommend putting new fittings over old wall linings

Did you know that when renovating your bathroom if you wanted to tile the floor you will need a council permit.

If you are doing your own painting then the saying goes that with painting, preparation is everything. It’s certainly very important. The more prep that’s needed, the more it will cost. Getting this aspect of the job right is often a good reason for employing professionals

There may be:

–  Holes and cracks that need proper filling.  Ask for good fillers, and ones which are right for the job.

–  Old surfaces that need preparation (see below).

–  Appropriate safety and access equipment needed.

–  A rotten or decaying surface (especially timber) which may mean the surface needs work or the timber needs replacement.

Your painter may be able to help with woodwork, but often another tradesperson will be needed.

Challenges include mould, water stains, wallpapers and glue, old plaster surfaces, rust, and flaky and powdery old paint. Old or raw surfaces often need cleaning and sealing. Rust needs treating.  Old putties and fillers often need removing and replacing: then cleaning and resealing with an appropriate product is often the key.

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We promise that your new kitchen will delight you with its stunning custom design and efficient practically for years to come.